Free Stock Photos – Share & Enjoy

Free stock photos are easy to find nowadays. Just Google the words and you’ll find enough suggestions. Maybe browse some services to find on that fits your need best.

Some ‘free’-stock photo services also have payed options where you can get even better photos than the ones that are free to use.

Be sure to read some of the legal stuff before you use or buy any photo. There are a lot of different nuances in free images and the allowed use of them.

Photographs you pay for can also have different limitations. Cheap photos often don’t give you the exclusive right to their use. Don’t be surprised when a popular image shows up on many other websites and blogs.

Why use free stock photos or any other images?

Of-course ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. Makes an article look nice and provides reader with extra information. Besides that, images also help your articles ranking higher in Google search results.

At A4-News we use images for websites and newsletters. We make use of free and paid images. In relation to our publications it’s never an issue if some images are widely used. As long it fits the story (more or less). Continue reading “Free Stock Photos – Share & Enjoy”