Advanced News Solutions

A4-News is a news agency located in the city of the Hague in the Netherlands. Since 1998 we are servicing a range of industries with daily news updates and business intelligence.

A4-News Morning Briefing

news letterA daily Morning Briefing is an overview of the news, tailor-made for each industry and aimed at senior executives. At the beginning of the day these high profile newsletters provide snapshots of the most essential news.

Providing a Morning Briefing for your industrie can be a great marketing tool!

A4-News Clipping Services

news clippingsClippings come in many varieties these days, many of them automatically aggregated from the internet.

Most daily industry clippingservice pull articles from a data base and produce a perfect overview of indexed strories. In case this is not what you are looking for we also produce clippings based on printed press in the traditional way.

Please remember that you have to account and pay for copyrights  in most cases when storing hard copies of news articles in a database or any form of print.

Crisis Monitoring

news monitorA crisis, for whatever reason, can happen to any company or organisation. Keeping up to date with publications concerning the situation is most important. When you contact us we can get to work right away in most cases.

We keep you and your staff up to date so you can concentrate on other things.

Custom RSS Feeds

rss newsRSS feeds probably offer the most cost effective way for reading, filtering and republishing newsarticles and overviews. Relevant RSS streams can be combined and filtered to provide you with a automatic stream of fresh content from the internet. These headlines can be published on your intranet, website, or send in a daily automatic newsletter.

Open Standards and Open Source

osi-standard-logoAll our productions and work are in accordance with the principles of Open Standard and Open Source. In short this means that you will not be confronted with hidden costs for additional software or any additional licenses.